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Trigeminal neuralgia may be a chronic pain condition that affects the trigeminal nerve, that carries sensation from your face to your brain. If you’ve got trigeminal neuralgia, even delicate stimulation of your face — like from brushing your teeth or swing on makeup — could trigger a jolt of torturing pain.

You may at the start experience short, gentle attacks. However trigeminal neuralgia will progress and cause longer, more-frequent bouts of tearing pain

Because of the variability of treatment choices out there, having neuralgia does not essentially mean you are doomed to a lifetime of pain. Doctors sometimes will effectively manage trigeminal neuralgia with medications, injections or surgery.


You may feel like your pain came out of obscurity. Some individuals with this condition begin out thinking they need an abscessed tooth and attend a dental practitioner.

You may have these symptoms:

  • You have transient periods of stabbing or shooting pain.
  • The pain is triggered by things like brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving, or swing on makeup. Even a slight breeze against your face would possibly go away your pain.
  • It lasts some seconds to many minutes.
  • The attacks happen many times daily or a week, followed by periods throughout that you have none at all. These painless periods are called remission.
  • The pain usually affects just one side of the face.
  • The attacks happen a lot of usually over time, and therefore the pain will worsen.
    You feel the pain principally in your cheek, jaw, teeth, gums, and lips. The eyes and forehead are affected less often.


    In trigeminal neuralgia, is due to contact between a standard blood vessel, an artery or a vein with the trigeminal nerve at the bottom of your brain. This contact puts pressure on the nerve and causes it to malfunction.

    Trigeminal neuralgia will occur as a results of aging, or it may be associated with degenerative disorder or the same disorder that damages the medullary sheath protective bound nerves. 

    Some people might expertise trigeminal neuralgia because of a brain lesion or alternative abnormalities. In different cases, surgical injuries, stroke or facial trauma is also answerable for trigeminal neuralgia.

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