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If any person experiencing tremors both hands or started slow down their daily activities then one should think of the possibility of Parkinson’s Disease.

It causes stiffness in legs and you may not be able to walk properly or even falls down suddenly while walking. 

That’s what Parkinson’s Disease can do to you. It makes you weak, dependent, helpless, and defenceless!

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative and progressive brain disease. It involves certain neurological changes i.e., the nerve cells i.e., neurons in the brain slowly destroy or die.


Dementia symptoms might include asking the same queries repeatedly; turning into lost in acquainted places; being unable to follow directions; obtaining disoriented concerning time, people, and places; and neglecting personal safety, hygiene, and nutrition. people with dementia lose their skills at totally different rates.

    Causes Of Parkinson’s Disease

    Our body parts grow older, as we grow old. Likewise, the cells in your brain also decay over time – they become brittle and finally break down. Anyhow, the functioning of the nerve cells are lost, and a lag in the communication arises between the brain and other body parts. This condition may lead to Parkinson’s Disease.

    In most of the cases, it hinders the dopamine hormone production that causes abnormal brain activity. But the exact causes of the destruction of those particular nerve cells is not clear. There are some special risk factors considered by experts, which include:

    • Genetic disorders
    • Exposure to toxins, pesticides, and chemicals
    • Increasing age
    • Brain injury or prior surgery
    • Viral infections
    • Low dopamine levels
    • Low norepinephrine levels
    • The presence of Lewy bodies
    • Aging
    • Hereditary

    Studies say that men are more likely to affect Parkinson’s Disease than women. However, if you observe the risk factors, they are beyond our control. So, seeing medical attention as soon as possible when notice the symptoms is a wise choice.

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