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Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder during which brain activity becomes abnormal, inflicting seizures or periods of unusual behavior, sensations & generally loss of awareness.

Epilepsy affects both males and females of all races, ethnic backgrounds and ages.

Seizure symptoms will vary wide. Some individuals with epilepsy merely stare without expression for some seconds throughout a seizure, whereas others repeatedly twitch their arms or legs. Having one seizure doesn’t mean you have got epilepsy. At least 2 unprovoked seizures are usually needed for an epilepsy diagnosis.

Treatment with medications or sometimes surgery in managing seizures for the majority of people with epilepsy. Some people need prolonged treatment to regulate seizures, except for others, the seizures eventually get away. Some children & youngsters with epilepsy could outgrow the condition with age.

Because epilepsy is caused by abnormal electrical activity within the brain. Seizure signs and symptoms could include:

  • Temporary confusion
  • A staring spell
  • Uncontrollable jerking movements of the arms and legs
  • Loss of consciousness or awareness
  • Psychic symptoms such as concern, anxiety


  • Head injuries that occur during birth or from accidents during youth.
  • Brain tumors.
  • Genetic conditions.
  • Infections.
  • Stroke or the other kind of injury to the brain.
  • Low oxygen during birth. 

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